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Travel from Kolkata to Santiniketan


Santiniketan is easily accessible from Kolkata, the capital city of the state. If you are planning a trip from Kolkata to Santiniketan and wondering how to reach your destination, here are a few options you can consider:

  1. The railway station in Bolpur is the nearest one to Santiniketan, and it takes approximately 2-3 hours to get there by train from Kolkata. Some convenient train options include the Gana Devta Express (departing from Howrah at 6:05 AM), the Shantiniketan Express (departing from Howrah at 10:05 AM), the Sahid Rampurhat Express (departing from Howrah at 12:00 PM), the Malda Inter-city Express (departing from Howrah at 3:25 PM), the Kanchenjunga Express (departing from Sealdah at 6:45 AM), the Saraighat Express, the Visvabharati Fast Passenger, the Jamalpur Express, and the Darbhanga Passenger.For more information on train schedules, you can contact the Indian Railways. If you are a woman traveling by train, you may prefer to ride in the designated “Ladies Cars” for a more comfortable and less crowded journey. If you have a lot of baggage, it may be difficult to find space for it, even in reserved cars, so you may want to consider hiring a car instead.
  2. By Bus: Another option is to take a bus from Kolkata to Santiniketan. There are several state-run and private buses that operate between the two cities, and the journey takes around 4 hours. The buses are comfortable and offer a range of amenities including air conditioning and reclining seats.
  3. By Car: If you prefer to travel by car, you can hire a taxi or drive your own vehicle to Santiniketan. The distance between Kolkata and Santiniketan is around 180 kilometers, and the journey takes around 4 hours by car. There are several routes you can take, and the drive is scenic, passing through picturesque countryside and small towns.

The town is a hub of cultural activity and is known for its festivals and events, including the annual Basanta Utsav, which celebrates the arrival of spring.

By bus

Santiniketan can be easily reached by bus from various locations. If you want to go to Santiniketan from Kolkata by bus, you can take a Kolkata-Asansol bus or a Kolkata-Suri bus. If you are on the Asansol-bound bus, you will need to get off near Panagarh and take another bus to Santiniketan. If you are on the Suri-bound bus, you will need to get off near Ilambazar and transfer to another bus to reach Santiniketan.

By car

Santiniketan can be reached by road from Kolkata through an excellent highway, about 60% of which is a 4-lane freeway. However, the last 70 kilometers from Panagarh onwards have narrow and bumpy roads with constant traffic jams. To reach Santiniketan from Kolkata by road, you can take the Durgapur Expressway from Dankuni, which is now part of NH2. The expressway bypasses Saktigarh and Bardhaman, and at Panagarh (Darjeeling Mor), you should turn right. After the highway crosses the Ajay river, take the road to the right at Ilambazar and continue towards Bolpur.

At the Santiniketan-Sriniketan junction (also called Surul Mor), take the road to the left. Santiniketan is 212 kilometers from Kolkata by road, and a good driver can cover the distance in about 3 hours.

Where Rabindranath's vision was born; Where nature and culture meet.