Where Rabindranath's vision was born; Where nature and culture meet.

How to reach Santiniketan from Durgapur?


What is the distance between Durgapur to Santiniketan?

Several options are available for travelling from Durgapur to Santiniketan, located in the neighbouring district of Bardhaman, to Santiniketan.

One of the most convenient ways to reach Santiniketan from Durgapur is by train. The Santiniketan Express and Purushottam Express are popular trains that operate between the two cities, with a travel time of approximately 2 hours. The trains have several stops en route and offer comfortable seating with basic amenities.

  • Another option is to take a bus from Durgapur to Santiniketan, with several state-run and private buses available for the 3-hour journey. The buses are comfortable and offer air conditioning and reclining seats.
  • For those who prefer to travel by car, taxis can be hired, or one can drive their vehicle to Santiniketan. The distance between Durgapur and Santiniketan is approximately 130 kilometres, and the scenic drive takes around 3 hours, passing through charming countryside and small towns.

The Simplest Way to Get from Durgapur to Santiniketan

Are you planning a road trip from Durgapur to Santiniketan in West Bengal? Here’s the simplest way to get there.

Start by taking Lenin Sarani to NH 19 in Mamra, a distance of just 1.4 km that takes approximately 3 minutes. Once you reach NH 19, continue until you reach Panagarh, a small town in the Burdwan district. From Panagarh, take the Panagarh – Morgram State Highway, which will take you through some of the most scenic areas in West Bengal. This highway passes through small villages, lush green fields, and undulating hills, providing a great opportunity to soak in the region’s natural beauty.

Durgapur to Santiniketan Distance

After driving on the Panagarh – Morgram State Highway for about 33 km, you’ll reach Bolpur, a famous town in the Birbhum district. Bolpur is known for its famous Tagore Museum, which houses a large collection of manuscripts, paintings, and personal belongings of Rabindranath Tagore. If you’re interested in history and literature, visiting the Tagore Museum is a must.

From Bolpur, take the Bolpur – Kabi Joydeb Rd to reach Santiniketan, which is only 3 km away.

Taking a road trip from Durgapur to Santiniketan is a great way to experience the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of West Bengal. The route is easy to navigate and takes you through some of the most scenic areas in the state. When in Santiniketan, visit the famous landmarks and experience the vibrant cultural scene the town is known for.

Where Rabindranath's vision was born; Where nature and culture meet.